"Inform - Inspire - Ignite"

College View was first started in 1967. Located in Texas City Tx,, College View has been seeking to better its community through the power of love and faith. We have sought to create a welcoming environment paired with a loving outreach ministry. By creating many programs for people of all ages and trades, we help our members come together in faith and in everyday life.

College View's mission is to spread God's love within the immediate community. With a message of acceptance of all races and denominations, we seek to bring the community together under a common understanding of faith. We seek to enact community outreach programs demonstrating the love of our Lord and savior. By doing this, we effectively aid our members and community just as we are taught to do in the scriptures.

By standing squarely within the intersection of faith and life, College View is able to provide its members a fun and exciting experience. We seek to provide a sanctuary for growth so that members gain a deeper intimacy with God and a stronger relationship with each other. College View's members and staff are here for you in times of joy and times of sorrow.

Come and experience God's love with us and allow College View to usher you into the very presence of God.

Please feel free to reach us at either of the phone numbers. You can text to my cell # anytime. You can also visit our FaceBook page @ www.facebook.com/collegeviewtexascity Reach the church at this E-mail; CVBChurch@yahoo.com and the Pastor at; NHiswill4U@yahoo.com .
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